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Throughout Gary Pauna’s life he has had a passion for RC racing, and although it has been around the Twin Ports and surrounding area since at least the 1970’s it was never sustainable until he took the lead. Races like the Fitgers 500 in Duluth and the Fall Fest in Superior, as well as small clubs have come and gone. Frustrated with the travel involved in racing out of town, Gary acted on his belief that the Twin Ports could provide enough dedicated racers to start a club that could sustain a top rate RC Racing venue. The following is a brief timeline of events leading up to the birth of Lake Superior RC Club (LSRCC).

Most club members that were around in the beginning remember racing in the early 1990’s at a small hobby shop in Duluth called Wild West Hobby. The racing was great, but the tracks were very small. After the shop closed, racing moved to Howard Ports in Cloquet Minnesota for a couple of summers.

It was when racing in Cloquet came to an end and Gary had to travel as much as 120 miles to Brainard Minnesota to race that he decided to start LSRCC. He found a couple of local venues for carpet racing and then obtained the racers index from Wild West Hobby and Howards Ports. In order to determine interest, he sent out cards to racers asking them to meet at his home if they liked the idea, and YES THEY DID!!

LSRCC racing started at a local roller rink on old carpet donated from a power company. After a few years, new carpet would be purchased and racing would move to a large venue in the Superior Armory.

Off road racing took place at the Spirit Mountain Ski Resort for a time and would then move to the South St. Louis County Fairgrounds where LSRCC has the largest off-road RC track in Minnesota.

Today LSRCC hosts Thursday night onroad and offroad club races as well as special events such as the Minnesota State On Road and Off Road Championship races. The Minnesota State Onroad Championship is held at the DECC Arena in Duluth Minnesota in conjunction with the World Of Wheels Car show.

In short, the entrepreneurial spirit of an avid RC racer along with the dedication of our club members have led to the inception of a year-round RC racing venue that is second to none. So check us out at the Superior Armory or the South St. Louis County Fairgrounds!!


Superior Armory

Location: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?name=Natio ... id=7059187

South St. Louis County Fairgrounds


Club Races are on Thursdays at 6PM and special Events vary. Be sure to checkout the schedule/results page or calendar on our site to make sure there is a race on Thursday and for special event dates.


Classes vary from year to year. They also vary depending on if it is a club race or a special event. To find out what we are running, check out the schedule results page and take a look at the current standings where the classes are listed. You can also post the question to one of our forums or show up at one of our races.


For club events, your first race is free, after that you must pay $10 for your first car and $5 for each additional.

A membership costs $20 a year for a single and $30 for a family. This lowers your fees to $7 for your first car and $4 for each additional. In addition, you can practice at our on-road track when there are no events. Gas powered cars cannot be ran after 10PM.

Special Events vary in cost; this type of information is posted on our site.


LSRCC uses ROAR rules as a foundation and modifies them to suite the wishes of the majority of its members. See the club Bylaws.

Getting Started:

The best way to get started is to show up at our races and ask other racers questions. You will find they are more than willing to help. Also, there are many resources on the web that can get you pointed in the right direction.

At LSRCC you can start in Novice to get you feet wet. If you decide to race more than one class, you must move out of novice.

You can preregister for races on our web site or register in person. You will always pay at the track prior to the start of the event.

We use transponders on our cars to electronically count laps. If you do not have one, you can see the race director and ask about renting one. If you do not have or rent a transponder, you can still race, but your car will be counted by hand, which is less accurate.

The typical format is two qualifiers where the racers in a given class are on the track together trying to get the lowest average lap time. This will determine where you start in the Main Event.

Whenever you are done with a qualifier or race, you MUST Corner Marshall the following race, which entails picking up cars that are disabled and putting them back on the track so they can continue racing.
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